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Data on sales and profitability were disappointing, and Autolatina was dissolved in With the advent of Mercosur, a regional common market, Ford, finally, an opportunity to streamline its products in those countries. Thus, Ford Fiesta and Ford EcoSport only built in Brazil, wwwsexxxxx boy toboy the Ford Focus only built in Argentina, with each wwwsexxxxx boy toboy exporting in large quantities to neighboring countries.

Models of Seekers - Dirty Ways Mondeo from Europe could now be imported completely established.

Ford Brazil produces a pick-up truck version of the Fiesta, "Courier", which is also produced in South Africa as the Ford bantam in the right-hand drive versions.

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At first, Ford in Germany and Ford in Britain built different models from one another until the late s, wwwsexxxxx boy toboy the Ford Escort and then the Ford Capri being common to both wwwssexxxxx. Later on, the Ford Taunus and Ford Cortina became identical, produced in left hand drive and right hand wwwsexxxxx boy toboy respectively.

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