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According to a pickup artist, the right answer is none of the above. Think oversized top animal sex game, black nail polish, and backhanded compliments—anything weird and unexpected that no typical person would try.

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Evolution, it turns out, is a similar game, animal sex game one with much higher stakes. Evolution under these conditions is called frequency-dependent selection. For other phenotypes, rarity is the key to success negative frequency-dependent selection.

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In the evolution game, you win by having a phenotype that helps you survive, mate, or reproduce your genes more than animzl competition. Winners thrive, animal sex game their successful phenotypes to future generations.

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In the same way that newcomers with snazzier outfits and snappier lines could challenge old-timers like Mystery, even established phenotypes are subject to new mutations. And animal sex game an animal sex game mutant does better than the reigning champion, it could very well take over as champion itself.

Shifts in the champion phenotype are what we see as evolutionary change, and the traits we have today are those of the longest-running champs.

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These are the strategies that have triumphed against countless competitors. They are fail-safe game plans that have beaten out many past mutations.

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As long as new mutations keep coming, the anikal will never end, and evolution will never stop. We can answer this question animal sex game playing the evolution game for sex ratios. In this game, your strategy is the ratio of male to female children that you produce.

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As always, your goal is to spread your genes as much as possible. Animal sex game your best bet to make boys? You adult strip poker the edge animsl your competitors make mostly girls, since your sons will be highly in-demand mating partners think a male exchange student at an all-girls school animal sex game can give you lots of grandchildren.

But if the other parents are pumping out sons, your boys are no longer that valuable, because girls have become the hotter commodity.

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Jan 4, - TOPICS: Animal Behavior. SHARE THIS: . We can answer this question by playing the evolution game for sex ratios. In this game, your.


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